Patreon FAQ

Do your photo sets have a time limit?

As soon as you join you are able to see every single photo set I have done since the launch of my Patreon.

Is Snapchat/ Instagram lifetime membership?

Sure is!

Once you are on my Snapchat/ Instagram that's it, you're on there for life. Even if you choose to discontinue your Patreon pledge.


When do you give out your SnapChat code?

To add my Private Snapchat, simply scroll down to the latest post regarding adding my snap. This will have step by step instructions on what to do

- No screen shots

- No sexual remarks or imagery 

How does Private Instagram work?

Just like snapchat, I create a post with the details on how to add me. After being added, you'll be a life time member! This means even if you unsubscribe from my Patreon, you'll still get access to my Private Instagram.

"I'm not in the best financial situation"

I get a lot of people who apologise for not being able to pledge or having to cancel their pledge due to financial situations. I appreciate your support however, real life stuff is way more important. I will never treat you differently or judge you for not pledging/ unpledging.

I want everybody to be able to enjoy what I do so even if you can/ or only want to pledge a small amount, you will still get access to a lot of photo sets. I try to do a photo set for all patrons every month.

I don't want any physical rewards

That's totally okay! I now have tiers for those who want just digital rewards.

What tier gets what?

I split up my tires into four different levels of lewd

All Patrons - Get cosplay and mini photo sets

Gold - Lingerie and swimwear

Platinum - Implied Nude

Diamond - Topless

For an example, check down below

Does you have topless photos on your Patreon?

You bet your left nipple it does!

When do you send off the rewards?

I am catching up with all the rewards I need to send out. Once I'm done with that I will be changing the way I send them.

I was charged twice

Please note that Patreon's charge cycle restarts at the end of the month. This means that even if you sign up at the end of the month, you'll be charged a few days later for the upcoming month.

If you are thinking about pledging and it's close to the end of the month, I would recommend waiting a few days into the new month before signing up to save you some money!

Patreon show the next time you'll be charged when making a pledge.

Because of this, I do not offer refunds for this situation.

If you were charged twice for another reason, please contact Patreon Support. As I do control payments to Patreon.

I'm having issues with payments

If you are having any trouble regarding payments, please contact Patreon support. Patreon Creators don't handle the payment side of things.

If you sign up at the end of the month you will be charged for that month and the following month (even if it is the next day) as you will still receive the rewards for both months. 

If you were planning on only signing one month, please message my Patreon.

Are topless pictures in every photo set?

Topless photos will be in photo sets when it feels appropriate and suited to the set.

If it's lingerie - sure!

Casual clothes - Probably not because it doesn't suit the vibe!

What do you show?

Tiddies & Butts

Although implied in some pictures, I don't show my lady parts and don't plan to any time soon

Do you use Patreon messages?

I do not use Patreon Messages. If you'd like to get in contact with me please email me at